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    Welcome to Ballantine Photography

    Young entrepreneurs looking to make an impression in Niagara with their creative photography. 

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    A Picture is Worth 1000 words

    Showcase your real estate properties with stunning photography that will help to sell your listing. 

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    The Right Image Sells

    Highlight your products in your brochures, or website with stunning photography. Photos sell!

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Real Estate / Staging Photography

Showcase the interiors of your real estate listings. Viewings take place online first, make sure your the photography is selling for you. 

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portrait photography


Capture the real you with a professional photograph. More than a photo, a piece of art with you, or your family as the star.

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Studio & Commercial Photography

This is where we get to have a little fun and let our creativity flow. Photographing your products, or creating the right image for your next marketing piece is one of our passions. 

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Where The Star is You

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A Lifestyle Captured

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More Than An Ad

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Just for Students

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Photographers Capture the Essence of the Moment.

Ballantine Photography: much more than photographers. We are the soul of your photos.
If we don't feel it, we don't take it!  It's that simple.  

Give life to your portrait, feel the reality of a home, understand a product, live the experience. Our portraits will allow others to really see and know you. Our real estate photography will make your viewers feel right at home. And, for event photography; people will feel the excitement of the moment as if they were there.

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Mackenzie Katsmar - photographer


Mac has a knack for bringing out the best in people, for getting the message across, for assessing the needs and wants of his clients. He understands business and marketing to get just the right image for your portrait, of your product, real estate property, or event. 

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Luke Ballantine - photographer


Luke is perfect for those hard to get portraits or for capturing just the right smile at your wedding. He has a way of bringing out the best in people, making you feel comfortable and ready for the perfect photo of your event. 

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Beauty, Art, and Photography

“Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph.” ~ Matt Hardy

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Through Our Lens

Follow our thoughts, trials, tribulations, successes and well, just about anything we might have to say, or photoblog about... 

portrait - student
a good read

The Story Behind a Photograph

Jul 15th, 2018

Seeing a portrait that speaks to you and invites you to think about who this person is, where they are or where they're going is a wonderful thing to experience when looking at a image.

How amazing working something you love is.

Jun 11th, 2018

Throughout my life I had never thought of myself as a creative, that whole "left brain, right brain" thing I just assumed I wasn't creative and wouldn't be able to accomplish things like that in my life. That is until I found PHOTOGRAPHY. 

My Final For Studio Class

May 21st, 2018

Studio lighting for effect - a unique photography project experience. Making Modonna's Rebel Heart - my own.

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